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WholeLife Evolution® Mentoring
"I started mentoring with Dr. Svetcos because I needed to lose some weight. Little did I know, weight loss was only a fraction of the program. I lost 25 lbs, AND I am finally living MY Purpose-Driven Life!" - F.C., CA


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FEATURES & BENEFITS of the WholeLife Evolution® Mentoring System:

1. Custom Detailed Nutrition & Exercise Program, including the 28-Day Weight Release Challenge® 

     - Become radiantly healthy from the inside!
     - Release excess weight for the last time.
     - Uncover the REAL YOU.
     - Feel energized and look younger.
     - Eliminate addictions, impulse eating and allergies.
     - Release anger, anxiety and fear.
     - Create a new system of healthy habits.

2. Personal & Professional Magnetism

     - Be the person everyone desires to be with.
     - Learn how to surround yourself with meaningful relationships
     - Determine exactly what you desire in a mate & focus on building value in yourself.
     - Release codependency & become strong - It's attractive!
     - Motivate and inspire others.
     - Learn to successfully navigate your relationships.
     - Become unwaveringly enthusiastic!
     - Learn to stop judging, ie. become accepting of others.
     - Create a self image that is congruent with your desires.

3. Leadership, Success & Time Management Training

     - Become Powerfully Productive.
     - Become Exceptionally Efficient.
     - Make more money!
     - Have more time to make positive memories.
     - Become purpose-driven in everything you do.
     - Become someone people want to do business with.

4. Medical & Referral Advice Straight From A Doctor

     - Stop wasting your hard-earned money and valuable time on bad or irrelevant medical advice.
     - Get truthful answers to all your medical questions.
     - Dr. Svetcos has recorded over 85,000 successful medical visits, and has over 18 years of
       post-graduate and doctorate training.

5. Conflict Resolution & High-Powered Negotiation Training

     - Take the worry, fear & uncertainty out of negotiation & conflict.
     - Gain access to an experienced negotiator who is looking out for your interest.
     - Learn mutually beneficial and ethical techniques to resolve conflict when necessary.

6. Breathing, Stillness & Solitude Techniques

     - Learn to become comfortable with yourself in calm and silence.
     - Live every moment with focused intention and calm self-assurance.
     - Reduce the incessant search for the Next Big Thing.
     - Finally feel grounded and connected to others, yourself, and to Source Power.

7. Self-Reliance

     - Learn how to first depend on yourself.
     - Become infinitely valuable both personally and professionally.
     - Lead by example for your children
     - Become respected and revered by everyone, including your family.
     - Step off the sidelines and finally begin living your destiny.
     - Gain self-esteem.
     - Learn to love yourself.

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