Dr. Mark Svetcos, BSc, DC
& Responsible Life Inc.


Universal Covenant of Responsibility®

The Universal Covenant of Responsibility (UCoR)® is a comprehensive series of powerful declarations designed to stimulate your profound intuitive nature, healthy self-esteem, and unwavering balance within your life.

You, the observer of your life, influence everything around you. Nothing is by chance. You allow or disallow success, failure, joy, sadness, abundance and scarcity. Whether you believe or understand it or not, your thoughts, emotions and subsequent actions precisely determine your existence. The UCoR is one of the basic tools that will help you initiate the process of self-creation.

To become the truest representation of your self, it is imperative to first declare who and what you are, from the inside out. With fortitude, practice and repetition, you will have inherently decided the type of person you are. As you continue the process of reading and living the declarations, you will begin to notice a significant element of change and of adaptation. Where there was once fear, scarcity, anxiety, chaos and escapism, there will flower clarity, strength, understanding, patience, abundance and intuition. And when we couple intuition with focused intention and experience, we reinforce the continued upward evolution, creativity and synthesis of our highest self.

Read the declarations aloud at least five times each day. Post a copy next to your bathroom mirror, in your kitchen, in your bedroom and at work. Post it wherever you spend large amounts of time throughout your typical day. You may even want to print it off and laminate it for longevity. Carry a copy of the UCoR® with you everywhere you go, in your bag, briefcase or purse. Spend some of your downtime reading the declarations.

As you initially go through the UCoR®, some declarations might hit home more than others. And some may even feel a bit fake to you as you recite them. But let’s not forget that ALL are vital to living a balanced and responsible life, and that is the main idea. So stick with every one of them. As you probably know, how you do anything is how you do everything. So be conscious and FEEL every word of every declaration. Envision yourself in conversation and in situations living your declarations. Make the readings real and relevant to your life. For example, as you read the declaration, “I resonate at the frequency of abundance,” visualize your life having already achieved that abundance. Envision yourself sitting in the house of your dreams. Take in the five senses as you sit in your favorite chair. Take notice that you have no financial hardship, and that your frame of mind is such that you know your next dollar has already been earned. This step is essential. Get creative!

As you visualize, create ways to further manifest each declaration. Pay attention to your mind’s eye as it creates the holographic picture of your life. Pay attention to the new avenues of thought that creep into your visions. These are manifestations of synchrodestiny. As your thoughts and actions crystallize further, you will begin to literally resonate at the abundant and intuitive frequencies within the UCoR. 

As an increasing number of people utilize and share the UCoR
The Responsibility Movement® will gain tremendous momentum. And, so too, will the number of individuals thinking in the same manner, as in the basic principles of the UCoR®. This will add to the amplitude of each frequency. You will notice many more ‘A-Hah!’ moments, many more ‘chance’ meetings with like-minded people, and you’ll be a part of something wonderful!

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Feel free to add to or condense the UCoR® declarations. The most important idea is for you to make the UCoR your own, for you to declare to the Universe who YOU are. When you begin to crystallize these thoughts, the same frequencies will be mirrored back to you. As it is often said, 'like attracts like.' You DO resonate at specific frequencies. Make sure those frequencies are based on YOUR purpose-driven choices, and are not inherited in any way. Power up!

And, as always,
Keep Moving Forward!

--Dr. Mark J. Svetcos

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