Dr. Mark Svetcos, BSc, DC
& Responsible Life Inc.


Compulsion By Dr. Mark Svetcos

For WholeLife Evolution® MENTORING


"Awesome presentation! I love the ideas of 'Weight Release' and 'No Plan B!'" - J.L., WA

"Your talk was incredibly motivating! I'm getting my whole family involved in the 28-Day Weight-Release Challenge! Thanks doctor!" - Gail & John, MI

"Thanks for coming to speak to us. Your presentation was more than inspirational. Your concepts are energizing, offer hope, & are achievable. I'm sharing your Responsibility message with everyone!" - Ingred, MI

"Great talk...excellent content!" - Steven Hinz, OH


"Dr. Svetcos' way of thinking and methodology is nothing I've ever come across. He is truly a revolutionary. Since coaching with Dr. Svetcos, I've become so much healthier. I've lost twenty pounds, and found the purpose in my life. I don't waste time, and I don't worry about things. Anyone who is thinking about hiring a coach needs Dr. Svetcos on their team. Good things swirl around him!" -Erik B., NJ

"I used to get caught up in spiraling thoughts that would ruin my day. With the help of Dr. Svetcos, I have learned to take control of my mind., which has significantly increased my productivity and efficiency.  Because of that, I make more money than I ever have. And more importly, I am so much happier and lighter!" -KNS, Columbus, OH


"Dr. Mark's story is one of great highs, great lows, and ultimately redemption. His honesty and willingness to face his demons and persevere when things looked bleak is admirable. Anyone dealing with tough times will benefit from this example of how self-responsibility can dramatically turn your life around. This is a powerful and compelling book." - David Koons, founder of LetYourMillionaireOut.com

"There are few raw souls willing to step into an exposing light. There are even fewer who embrace their humanity as knowledge to win the fight against the controlling force of compulsive behavior. Dr. Svetcos' reinvention of himself is both eye-opening and honorable. His story will change the perception of how you view your own life and ask you how true you are to yourself. Open this book if you dare to dream of obtaining the incredible life you are meant to live." - Stacey Lane, author of Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed

“This book restored my hope that people do have the power to change.” -
Kate Raidt, author of The Million-Dollar Parent and founder of FatNoggin.com

“From the very first chapter, Compulsion stimulated deep self-contemplation and inspired me to act…absolutely incredible!”
Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Compulsion is a revolutionary vehicle to help you begin changing your life. It starts as a riveting story, but ends up being so much more." - Shannon S. Carlson, author of Living Your Life In Balance: How to Achieve Happiness and Inspire Integrity Within

"Compulsion is not just another idealistic self-help book, but an emotionally exhilarating thrill ride that will force even the most egoistic of us to become more introspective and less judgmental of the people and situations around us."
- Marjetka Novak, author of Channeling and working with angel cards


“In these difficult times, this is the book that will help us all to pull through and re-create a powerful America, from the inside out.” – Dr. Cynthia Barnett, author of Prime Time Makeover: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life


"Compulsion contains a pwerful story and profound example of how a person can switch from living with Red Lights to thriving with Green Lights -of shifting from a destructive lifestyle to one of contribution and fulfillment. Mark Svetcos’ message and action steps offer solid guidance for taking responsibility, for taking charge of your life.” - Marilyn Schoeman, author of Green Lighting Your Life: How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make the Best of Everything


“Compulsion sent shivers down my spine, yanked pangs of sorrow and sympathy from my heart, and inspired hope from deep within my psyche.” – Dr. Joseph Kauffman

Anyone who reads “Compulsion” will find hope for a better life, learn to be more introspective, and learn to refocus his or her actions into a life of integrity and happiness.” - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., author of the award-winning Narrow Lives

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