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Are you looking for  a solid new source of conceptual and educational information for your radio or television audience? Dr. Svetcos's ideas and techniques on how we can change our world around (and within) us are thought-provoking, enlightening and entertaining. Your audience will feel inspired to act after hearing him speak.

Common Discussion Points:
                                                        - Personal Responsibility is the key to changing the world around us.
                                                               (And this starts with taking responsibility for OUR OWN HEALTH.)
                                                        - Become and Irreplaceable Asset.
                                                        - Personal Creativity is your duty to humanity.
                                                        - Building Self-Esteem is Your Ultimate Life Lesson.
                                                        - Productivity is the New Code of Morality.
                                                        - How to uncover your passion for life.
                                                        - How to finally become happy.

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