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Professional Book Review - Compulsion



Dr. Mark J. Svetcos

Aviva Publishing - New York. (2009)ISBN: 9781890427092

Compulsion is the fascinating and sensational true story of one man, a doctor, who allowed other people's desires to lead him down a path to self-destruction. But more importantly, this memoir tells how a man transformed his life by being responsible, working out the demons from his past, and making a resolution to live actively with intention rather than simply reacting to the events around him.


Dr. Mark Svetcos is a brave man. His name has been dragged through the mud by the media, yet he is here to tell his story. Yes, he made some mistakes. Women liked him a little too much, and he gave into their temptations. Although the sex was always consensual, it was with the wrong women, and those mistakes brought his life tumbling down. While at times it seemed like Mark was having a sex-marathon, what is remarkable is that he was able to overcome his compulsive behavior and turn his own life around. He did self-therapy, discovered where he had made mistakes, and decisively changed his behaviors. Soon, he entered into a loving relationship with a woman who became his wife.


But just as happiness entered Mark’s life, so did threats from a jealous man intent on destroying Mark’s reputation and career. What is remarkable is that nothing that man did could destroy Mark’s character or internal strength. Mark had everything in the world—money, homes, expensive cars, a flourishing business, and a position in upper-class society. He lost it all, but he refused to lose his self-respect or integrity.

Compulsion is more than Mark's story, readers will see in it their own mistakes, learn how to take back control of their behaviors, and find a practical guide for living their lives responsibly. In fact, Mark has written the book in conjunction with founding The Responsibility Movement (TM), the WholeLife Evolution System (TM), and the Seven Pillars of Balance (TM), all designed to help recreate America, one person at a time (visit http://marksvetcos.com for more information.)



While reading Compulsion, I felt what happened to Mark was extremely unfair because he was punished after he had changed his behavior, and after he had forgiven himself and others for the problems from his past. Yet, even in the malicious revenge from a jealous lover that he faced, Mark found a blessing. It inspired him to bring his message to others. In her memoir, “After the Stroke: A Journal,” novelist May Sarton wrote, “You have been to hell and back and you have not realized that this creates a responsibility.” Mark, like Sarton, would agree that negative experiences lead to responsibility. He has come forward to tell his story, not for personal gain, not to be sensational, but so others may benefit by learning from his mistakes how to take responsibility for their own lives.


I particularly enjoyed Mark’s discussion on quantum physics, synchrodestiny, and how our thoughts shape our world. He is a well-educated man who ties in science with philosophy and uses them to shape how he lives his life with intention.


Toward the end of Compulsion Mark clarifies the lesson he hopes his story will provide:

What is the most important point of this book, and possibly of our earthly lives? It is that we all have within us the power and the abilities to live and to love with responsibility, to live and to love consciously, and to live and to love without blame. Once understood and agreed to, these are the principles that will lead us further into the evolution of self, family, community, country, and of the Earth.


Mark has taken that step toward personal evolution, and now he offers his story to further others in the same goal. Anyone who reads Compulsion will find hope for a better life, learn to be introspective, and learn to refocus their actions into a life of integrity and happiness.

For more information about Mark Svetcos, Compulsion, and the Responsibility Movement(TM), visit www.marksvetcos.com.


 — Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., author of the award-winning Narrow Lives



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